About WeSmile

WeSmile academy is a teeth whitening expert, founded in 2019. One of the limited amounts of providers offering safe tried and tested teeth whitening courses in the UK. 

The training provides support to aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to financial freedom. Whether it is a side job or your new main career ‘We Smile’ are here to provide you with all the tools to build your business and to grow legally at an affordable and reasonable price. 

Our aim is to support the creation of a new safe and competent teeth whitening market with, natural and legal products and equipment which is why our prices are almost half that of our competitors, we want to help remove the stigma from the industry and improve teeth whitening for everyone. 

The UK has the second biggest market for teeth whitening in the world, research shows that at least one in eight people in the UK has had their teeth whitened at some point.


The teeth whitening industry hit revenue of over £8 billion in 2018! With We Smile, you can be part of this with an investment of less than 0.0001% of that. 

Are we legal? 

Our whitening products, process and equipment are 100% safe, tried and tested. Being non-peroxide based, the special formula which has been perfectly combined are covered under the European Council Directive on Cosmetic Products 2011/84 EU.


The process itself is a cosmetic procedure and not a dental procedure. 

We are fully aware of the training that our ambassadors receive and completely understand that only dentists are allowed to give peroxide and dental based teeth whitening treatments.  


We ensure that everyone undertaking our certification are fully aware of the rules and regulations and ensure that they are consistently following the guidelines set.

WeSmile offer a self-service teeth whitening product which has a proven legal, safe track record and delivers amazing results for customers as well as unlimited rewards for our clients and ambassadors. 

The Training  

The training itself is half a day

(10.30am  – 1.30 pm & 2pm – 5pm!). 

 Our straight forward, in-depth and simple training course enables you to get started right away. We help you understand all there is to know about offering self-service teeth whitening. We help you develop a plan on how to market your new venture and teach you all you need to know about the products and services you will be offering. 

We have a range of packages that can be tailored to suit your needs and level of confidence. Our training also qualifies you to become comprehensively insured which protects you and your customers from any unlikely mishaps. 

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What’s included? 

The kit includes a LED lamp, 2 pairs of goggles, 10 customer packs (10 of each; whitening, scrubs, brushes, gum shields, wipes and 1 spray). 

Supplies can be ordered via WeSmile, the website is currently undergoing a revamp but will be back bigger and better than ever before, before the next training date.

Upon completion of the WeSmile course, you will receive a certificate of completion and competency which shows clients that you are trained, safe and competent.


The course will cover - regulations and legalities surrounding teeth whitening, how to offer the treatment safely and legally, the products that we use, how to order the products and you will carry out  the process on each other as a demonstration.


Check out the WeSmile and CosmaestheticsUK Instagram pages for student testimonials and posts of students receiving their certificates.